Welcome to English Oak Care Homes

Our philosophy is quite simple:
We don't think anyone would want to put their parent where they wouldn't want to stay themselves.

We thought it should feel like a hotel, but a country house one. In other words, high standards of decor but still retaining that homeliness feel, somewhere our guests would want their friends to visit, a home they felt proud of, just like we all feel proud of where we live and how it reflects us.

We wanted somewhere that the staff and residents all enjoyed each other's company, where everyone was on first name terms with everyone else.

We wanted somewhere, that if you listened you could hear animated conversations, laughter, banter, fun.
But if you wanted 
somewhere quiet to reflect or read a book, there was space for that too.​ We wanted lively communal areas but private in­di­vidu­al­ised bedroomsSomewhere that was always lively, and somewhere that was always peaceful;
A safe environment where life is good.​
We think we have made it, but we are not complacent. We know how to keep our homes special and this requires continuous investment and improvement.​
People who use our services like the homes we've created, and you will too.